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Get the straight truth without the "BS"! When you go to work, does it feel like heaven, hell, or somewhere in between? Do you need help as a leader or follower with some bold revelations and common sense explanations?  Are you new, confused or just so full of yourself that you don't care?  Are you a new fledgling supervisor, or have you just lost your way?   Wondering why your employees are disgruntled?  Don't know how to express your feelings about a bad supervisor or manager?  Do you have what it takes to be a great boss, or do you just think that you do? This reading will give you insights and guidance to help understand the stupidity going on around you at work, and perhaps show you some ways to improve or advance in what seems to be the murky world of boss and employee relationships. BONUS, Twelve thought provoking items to seriously consider if you are the kind to persue that self-centered promotion, twelve more for those who wish to advance with integrity and learn how to lead with dignity, honor, and pride!