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Stop and Think for Americans

Aug 04, 2020, NEWS Ohio Governor Orders School Children Wear Masks (REUTERS)
Hell Yeah! What took so damn long? Do you know how many irresponsible, lazy, and stupid parents in Ohio and across the U.S. care more about themselves than YOUR school age children? Let's just look at the facts. Have you ever seen a parent drop off a snaughty-nosed kid at school, preschool, day care, or even Sunday School? Of course you have! These parents, more often than not, care more about their convenience, than the health of other children. I have heard the age-old argument saying "What if the parent needs to work and cannot afford to take off or pay for childcare?" We say this is all part of the "BEING A PARENT" role that you inherit with children. None of us are born ready to be responsible parents, but we can learn from others and plan for many of life's circumstances. For instance, you own and drive a car and are about to have your first child; so you go out and start shopping for a car seat to carry/protect your child when drving around town. You don't wait until your kid is born and just strap them in as best as you can in the backseat using just the seat belt. Are you a single parent who has no family you can turn to or depend on? Reach out to any of the many agencies across the country who have the resources to help the under privileged and needy. Don't let your pride stop you from asking for help!

Jun 05, 2020, NEWS The Call To Defund the Police (REUTERS)
Is America beoming more stupid by the minute? How about "STOP POLICE BRUTALITY" which basically means excessive use of force. We need to focus less on our anger and more on what are the true problems at hand so they can be solved. Black lives do matter, and so do the lives of all Americans. Let's honor the memory of George Floyd and the many other black men who have unjustly died at the hand of law enforcement officers, and focus more on the police brutality that led to his (their) death. He deserved better and those responsible for his death need to be held accountable.